Child Protective Services

Find out why David Taylor ‘s daughter Destiny no longer lives with him anymore.

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A I don’t know. I have never been to court for no criminal charges.
Q Did you ever hire a —
A I understand —
Q Pardon me?
A Go on.
Q Did you ever hire an attorney to represent you in any criminal defense manner?
A Yes, I have. And that was the only thing I could think of in ’13 is me, you know, when I discipline my child and that was the only thing so I — I don’t know anything other than that.
Q Tell me about that one. Was that in St. Louis?
A Yes, mm-hmm.
Q And which child was that?
A That was last year, I think, or the year before last if I’m not — ’13, that’s —
Q Which child?
A Destiny.
Q Your 18-year-old daughter?
A Yes, mm-hmm.
Q And was this done through Children’s Protective Services?
A I think so, yeah.
Q And what were the allegations?
A Well, that — that I had disciplined her because she skipped class 20 times and — and they felt me — my discipline measure of using a belt was abusive.
Q All right. So you — you used a belt in disciplining Destiny?
A I don’t know if I could speak on that.
THE WITNESS: Can I speak on this?
Because my — my lawyer’s told me don’t —
MR. POTTS: Then, not knowing the status of this proceedings —
Q Is it resolved? Is it all done?
MR. POTTS: I’m going to object to the question.
Q Well, let me just ask if it — what the status is.
MR. POTTS: If you know.
THE WITNESS: I don’t know.
Q All right. I’m not asking you to say what you did, I’m just asking if the allegations were that you disciplined your daughter with a belt and caused — just allegations.
MR. POTTS: You may ask, but I’m — I’m going to pose a Constitutional protection on that.
MS. RONAYNE: What’s the Constitutional —
MR. POTTS: He said I don’t know.
MS. RONAYNE: I’m not asking him to say what he did or didn’t do.
MR. POTTS: Anything that might lead to or otherwise we might be considered incriminating, I think he’s got a right to circumfit (phone —
MS. RONAYNE: I think he can tell me what the allegations are. That is not privilege with Amendment or otherwise.
MR. POTTS: Well, I think that it is because he doesn’t — if he doesn’t know.
MR. POTTS: He’s speculating and I think it’s privilege.
MS. RONAYNE: Well, he’s not saying that.
THE WITNESS: I just don’t know.
MR. POTTS: Well, I’m going to say it’s privilege. It’s absolute. So if somebody wants to take it — you know, I don’t know — I don’t know who the lawyer is. He doesn’t seem to know that — the condition of the matter, so to avoid any kind of drift, and I think maybe you — you might be concerned about it as well.
Q Well, is this — is this — let me ask you. Did this rise to the level of court intervention by the local court in St. Louis that — that does —
MR. POTTS: Don’t speculate if you don’t know.
MS. RONAYNE: Well, please don’t testify for him.
THE WITNESS: I don’t know. I’m not sure.
Q Did you go to court on it?
A What court? What do you —
Q Any court? Did you ever go to any court about these allegations that you disciplined Destiny physically —
A I don’t —
Q — with a belt?
A So, what, would Family Court be —
Q Yeah.
A — known as —
MR. POTTS: If you know.
THE WITNESS: Yeah, Family Court.
Q So you did go to Family Court, yes?
A Yes, mm-hmm.
Q And what was the outcome of that? Is it done? Is it pending?
A I don’t know.
Q You — you have no idea?
A No, I don’t know everything.
Q Is that why Destiny doesn’t live with you now?
A Yes.