Who are your Board Members

Taylor claims that the decisions are took by the board members but when asked who they are, he doesn’t even know.

— Full court transcript bellow: —

Q When you say it’s up to the board, now the board includes Michelle?
A Yes.
Q You?
A Yes. Q And who else?
A I’m not sure. You can ask Michelle.
Q You don’t know who’s on the board?
A Totally I would rather you get the accurate information because I don’t want to be accused of answering falsely like I have been other times when I’ve tried to guess. So I just you’d rather — I’m telling you I don’t know, just ask her.
Q How many people are on the board?
A I don’t know. Just —
Q You don’t know?
A No.
Q Don’t you have to have board meetings?
A Yes, we do have board meetings.
Q So can’t you count around the table how many people there are?
A Well, our board also grows at the same time. So I just rather you just get that information from her.
Q The last time you had a board meeting was when?
A I was on the phone, I think the beginning — it was in the beginning of the year in January. I can’t exactly tell the date, but —
Q It was on the phone?
A Yeah.