Who Is Paying The Bill?

The apostle bills are being payed by the money poor people donated to sustain his lavish lifestyle.

— Full court transcript bellow: —

Q Was JMMI paying any of your auto expenses?
A Yes.
Q And how much?
A Auto expenses? I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t know exactly how much.
Q You don’t know how much you got?
A No.
Q Who would know?
A The board takes care of that.
Q Who’s the board?
A You can ask Michelle. She’s another person to refer to.
Q What about your housing, does JMMI pay any of that?
A Yes, mm-hmm.
Q You get a housing allowance?
A Yes.
Q And how much is that?
A I’m not sure.
Q And do you report these allowances as compensation on your tax return?
A Honestly, I don’t know how all that work. I have other people who does — do that so you can refer to Michelle all that.

A That’s right.
Q But you’re not talking dollar amount?
A No. And the people know what I’m talking about.
Q Oh, you think they understand?
A Oh, because I’ve explained, of course. You can’t just listen to one show that I do and expect to understand what I’m saying if you don’t follow —
Q Well, I’ve listened to more than one show.
A Well, you’ve got to listen to more than three, four, 20 or a hundred to hear everything, yeah.
Q The JMMI contribution report for 2013 shows that you donated $42,000 to JMMI in 2013. Is that true?
A If that’s what the report says.
Q How can you donate more than you actually have made in the last several years after a bankruptcy?
A Because in this kind of ministry people will walk up to me and want to give me personal gifts of this amount of money and I give it over to the ministry instead of receiving it, and I have them write it out to the ministry instead of me. who would that be handed to?