Where are JMMI Offices?

Why is the apostle not revealing his church office addresses. What does he hides out?

— Full court transcript bellow: —

Q — you don’t know the address of the place that is
also sometimes called ministry house?
A No.
Q And tell me the purpose of this place?
A It’s a — it’s a — a residence that we bought that – – or that we’re in the process of buying to — that gives young aspiring preachers and ministers a place to — to stay while they intern in our ministry being trained.
Has Deborah Frazier ever stayed there?
A She’s come over there.
Q What do you mean she’s come over there?
A She’s visited and come over I’m sure —
Q But you don’t know the address?
A No, it’s too recent for me.
Q When you say it’s recent, when did that start?
A Maybe a year, two, something like that. I just don’t know —
Q I’m going to show you what you provided as the balance sheet and ask you to indicate where on this this building is represented?
A What building?
Q Well, you just said what — you were in the process of buying a ministry house —
A Uh —
Q — where would it show up on the asset and liability?
A Well, it wouldn’t because we’re leasing it right now, so it’s a liability. I don’t know if they put it on here —
Q Well, what do you mean you’re in the process of buying; does that mean that you —
A Well, yeah, we in stages until we can buy; that’s what I mean —
Q Okay. I’m not sure what that means.
A You know, before we just pay off something, we — we lease it until, you know, we have enough money to be able to do that. Does that make sense to you?
Not much. So is it your testimony that you are leasing this piece of property?
A Yes.
Q And how much do you pay a month?
A Actually, I — I don’t know. My — my financial board knows all of those things.
Q Who is your financial board?
A Those three that I gave you there.
Q They’re your board?
A No, I said a financial board.
Q What —
A That means a certain area. They — they handle a certain area.
Q The financial board is the —
A Different from the board of the JMMI.
Q Okay. But when you refer to them as a board —
A Well, maybe I ought to rephrase that, since you are tripping over that. Let’s say they are financial administrators, is that — do that make sense?
Q You tell me if it makes sense.
A Yes.
Q So do you see anything regarding this ministry house on the asset and liability sheet?
A No, it — I don’t think it would be on here, because it — it might be — I don’t see it as — as of now.
Q Can you describe this place?
A It’s — it’s — it’s just a residential home.
Q It’s another house?
A Yes, it’s like a home, but it’s —
Q What do you mean it’s like a home?
A Oh, I mean it’s a home.
Q It is a home?
A Yeah, mm-hmm.
Q Okay. Is it at 2036 Victory Way Lane?
A 2036? No, no, no.
Q What’s at 23 — 2036 Victory Lane?
A I don’t know that’s a — it’s an address —
Q It has nothing to do with your ministry at all?
A Mm-mmm.
Q You got to answer yes or no.
A No.
Q So it’s — you — you don’t have any connection to 2036 Victory Lane —
A No.
Q — Way?
A My — my — you know, apartment is 208 — I mean 2008 Victory Way Lane.
Q Okay.
A So I — that sounds like another address over in that area, but that’s not — I have nothing to do with
5 that.
Q And that’s not where the ministry house is?
A No. That’s the — those are condominiums, okay —
Q Victory Lane?
A Yes.
Q So this ministry house, you’ve been — the ministry — JMMI has been leasing?
A Yes.
Q Okay. Now, are you the head of JMMI?
A Yes.
Q And — and you don’t know where this place is?
A I know where it is; I just don’t know the address. I don’t want to give you any wrong details like I did the first time. It’s just —
Q All right. Can you tell me — give me the description of where it is?
A It’s in Florissant, Missouri.
Q Right.
A I know that. Mm-hmm.
Q Cross-streets?
A Yeah, it’s a neighborhood.
Q What are the cross-streets?
A I don’t know that. But I — like I said, I’ll provide you with the information after this is over with.
Q Who owns this residence?
A I don’t know. It’s — it’s a — some — I don’t — I don’t know.
Q Did you arrange for this lease?
A No.
Q Who — who would have done that?
A I have a financial board who does those things.
Q Those three people you referred as Michelle and —
A Yes. Financial administrative people.
Q And so you’re saying they — but don’t you have to sign the lease?
A No, I’m not the only one that can sign. I have a
board — board members who are —
Q So you didn’t sign this lease?
A You know, I don’t even know.