$6,000+ Disneyland Vacations

Taylor used thousands of dollars in donated money to go to Disneyland and Disneyworld with his staff and children.

— Full court transcript bellow: —

Q In June of 2013 there’s over $6,000 worth of charges for the Disney Resort Hotel in Anaheim California. Do you remember that?
A Yes.
Q And did you go?
A Yes, I was there.
Q And who were you with?
A I know it was four staff. I can’t remember exactly who all went, but we were down there in Orlando for a meeting and then we also went on vacation, yes.
Q To Disneyland?
A Yes.
Q And JMMI paid for that?
A Yes.
Q And so, do you report that on your income when you get paid for a vacation?
A I don’t — I don’t know, I’m not into that part. I have people who take care of that for me.
Q Do you give the staff 1099s for paid vacations?
A I — I don’t know the financial —
Q Okay.
A — I don’t —
Q What four staff members were there?
A Like I said, I can’t remember who they are.
Q These were in Anaheim, California, so apparently you did Anaheim and Orlando?
A Mm-hmm.
Q You have to answer yes.
A Yes.
Q So you took staff to Orlando and Anaheim for a vacation at Disney Resorts?
A It isn’t quite like that.
Q Okay.
A So I have different staff that accompany me to different cities I go into, so when I was in California that year and we went to Disney World at the same time, yeah, the staff go. I treated them to that. And so, the same thing in Orlando when that happened.
Q All right.
A But I’m just stopping, just take them there. We are having a meeting engagement, and then on the time off I allow that to happen.
Q And JMMI paid the $6,000 for the resort charges?
A Yes, mm-hmm. Of course.
Q Of course? Even for the vacation?
A Yes, of course.
Q All right. So who was there in Anaheim — Anaheim, California?
A I don’t remember.
Q You don’t remember who you went with?
A No. It’s been so long, you know, and I travel all the time with different groups so.
Q And all on JMMI’s dime?
A Well, that’s — you — what do you do when you have a staff who you need to go help and they’re not getting salary but they’re volunteering their time. What, they’re supposed to pay their own plane tickets? No.
The ministry take care of that because the ministry is using them on the road to do things so we take care of basic expenses, and if there is a vacation thrown in there, which is not always, we allow that to happen —
Q And you —
A — as a benefit.
Q And you pay for that?
A Yes.
Q Okay. But you can’t say if you issue them any kind of gift or receipt or 1099s for that benefit?
A You know what, I don’t know the legal —
Q Okay. And — so you went to both Orlando and Anaheim and paid for vacations for staff members but you don’t know who they are?
A No, I can’t remember exactly who it is. I’d rather not say until — I’d rather not.
Q Was — were your children included?
A My children were there with me in Orlando.
Q And —
A And Anaheim.
Q And did JMMI pay for them?
A I think so, but I’m not sure. I don’t think — I usually — when I go on a vacation, the ministry give me a vacation bonus and it comes out of that so.
Q The vacation bonus and — I don’t see that reported as income anywhere on your tax return?
A Well, I mean, you got to go to the people who handle that, they can explain. Q You don’t know anything about your own finances?
A Not a lot. I have professionals take care of that and people who know about non-profit business. But I can assure you I’m not doing anything illegal.
Q Well —
A The only thing we have is open, so there’s nothing to hide. You can see everything we have on our papers.
Q I’m not sure that your conclusion is accurate.
A Well, that’s your opinion.
Q Right.
A That’s your opinion.