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Harassment & Cyber Bullying

I'm a pastor and youth leader at a church in Michigan. I and many of the students in my youth group (teenagers) have been verbally assaulted and harassed on Facebook by MULTIPLE JMMI staff members. I personally have been called a homo, a fake pastor, an idiot, disgusting. And, the teenage girls have been called vulgar names that I can't repeat. What does it say about the head of the "ministry" if the staff underneath him throw such vulgar and cruel words at kids. The JMMI staff are also virtually stalking and harassing a dear friend of mine. Fauxpostle David Taylor's evil is leaking down through his staff. This isn't a ministry; it's a cult. They need to be stopped.

Did Debbie Frazier get her money back?

In the deposition, Taylor says that he would return the money to Ms. Frazier when JMMI made it back. According to JMMI’s tax returns for the last several years, they have more than enough money to return it. 2014 – 2016 tax returns are here: EDITORS NOTE: DEBBIE FRAZIER HAS NOT GOT A DIME BACK. AS ALWAYS HE LIED. REMEMBER A CON MAN NEVER GIVES THE MONEY BACK, AND TAYLOR IS DEF A CON MAN.

Food for thought

I just wanted to point out as a former member of the jmmi staff, that this mofo told all of us way more then once that HIS mansion was donated to him by someone God told him to prophecy too. If it was donated why on Earth is he paying 6,500 a month to live there and telling everyone else otherwise? I cannot wait for him to be caught up in all his lies that he told us.

False Prophet

I’m sure this won’t be posted since this isn’t a real life account with this scumbag. But on the off chance it makes it up there I’d like to say i stumbled upon his deposition a couple months ago on YouTube and was floored. I was raised in the church since I was a baby. I’m most definitely not a perfect man or Christian. However when I saw the way this man conducted himself while he was being deposed I felt physical sickness come over me into my stomach. I guess it says a lot about him but also his followers if they are that ignorant and stupid to send him money in to believe that he is an actual profit or minister of God’s word then shame on them and shame on him. To say that I need a private jet and God bless me with two private jets and to Bentley’s and a two and a half million dollar home is absolutely disgusting. I don’t understand how he has not been sent to prison. I cannot believe he is not petrified of Judgment Day I know that I am personally scared of that day because I am a sinner like everybody else however to claim to be a minister of God’s word and to Rob your congregation simply to provide yourself with a luxurious lifestyle and then lied through your teeth under oath especially in oath that ends with so help you God is the most egregious nasty sickening horrific ignorant retarded laughable ugly moronic thing anybody could do. This truly does show the end of times is near it has been long written down about the false prophets and I know there are many like him sooner or later God will cut you down.

Help bring this guy down

There are numerous reports that David Taylor has molested people, some that are minors. There are also credible reports that he has assaulted his volunteers and/or has had them beaten by other staff for disobeying him. He is currently under investigation by the United States Government for fraud. It is time to bring this man to justice once and for all. Please call Rick Frazier at 248-650-5000 and share your information. Remember that evil only prevails when good people do nothing. Step up and help now so that no more lives are destroyed. Thank you.

Thief, Child Beater and Sexual Predator?

I donated over 3000$ from my savings account to Mr. David (if that’s even his real name), after he told me that every dollar I contributed would go to helping the ministry spread the word of god and was also a step closer to curing my chronic arthritis pains which have now become worse, I was a fool to trust him. My friends at church have also been talking about alleged charges against him for sexual assault against a minor. Can anyone confirm these charges? I know that in his court hearing the prosecutor said that he had been charged with assaulting HIS OWN DAUGHTER after beating her raw with his thousand dollar belt. Perhaps this message will inspire others to come forward with their stories as i’m sure this fraudulent hypocrite has affected the lives of many. My heart and prayers go out to all the victims who have been scammed, lied to and abused by this sadistic maniac.

New Video THIS IS CRAZY… start at 2 hours 44 mins Remember this is the man that says he is FRUGAL with God’s money!


I had a three year son whenever I was I a “close friend” of David. David used to take him places and my son looked at him as a father figure. This went on for a couple of years. My son one day told me that David had inserted his finger in my sons anus. He told a detailed story about this matter and I was heartbroken. I trusted that man and I truly thought highly of him. He is a liar, a pervert, a fraud and the list can go on for days. I hope he rots in prison. His miracles are paid actors btw.

Satan Called David

This man is a con artist and a fraud. He breaks up families and marriages, I would know because my husband used to be in his staff. David tried to break up our marriage by telling him that I was unfaithful and that God himself told him that.. stay away from this “ministry ” he does NOT see/talk with Jesus. He spends all your donations on luxury lifestyle.

Sex with (Assistant) Michelle

David Taylor is having sex with Michelle…She answers all the questions regarding him and SHE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This MAN IS A CON ARTIST AND MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!! I stay next door to MICHELLE and I have seen that man leaving/arriving during different hours of the night. I was invited to attend the church service but, immediately refused due to his unfaithful behavior towards Christ. REAL MEN OF GOD does not reflect in False Teachings and Wrong Doings!

Unprofessional Company

So many word to describe JMMI: Rude, Liars, Unprofessional, Insincere, Immature, Malicious, Narcissistic, Con Artists (In Training), & More Alvin filed a complaint against this company a few months ago for fraud and theft I suggest you do the same.