Apostle Given Up Millions?

Apostle states he has given million to JMMI, read the transcript below and see for yourself if this is true.

— Full court transcript bellow: —

Q How much have you personally donated to JMMI in the last five years?
MR. POTTS: If you know.
Q Approximately, that’s okay.
A I don’t — I don’t really know. Yeah, I can’t say, from all the sacrifices I can’t say.
Q What does that mean from all the sacrifices?
A I mean, the sacrifices of, you know, giving up things.
Q No, no. I’m talking about financially, not —
A Oh, no.
MR. POTTS: Money.
THE WITNESS: So — no, I can’t tell you.
Q But you do tell people how much you’ve given, don’t you?
A I have told them the sacrifices I’ve made.
Q You put a dollar amount on that, haven’t you?
A Oh, sometimes I — I’ve given up — yes, I’ve told them that over years I have given a large sum of money to this ministry.
Q Okay. So what sum of money do you say when you do that?
A Well, you said in dollar amount. I’m talking about sacrifices.
Q No, you put a dollar amount on it when you talk.
A I know, because it is a dollar amount.
Q Okay. So, then, tell me what dollar amount you use when you tell people?
A Oh, millions. I’ve given up millions for this.
Q Given up —
A Sacrifices.
Q — or — oh, only in sacrifice?
A In sacrifice, yes.
Q Millions?
A Yes.
Q How do you arrive at that figure?
A Well, I mean, from the opportunities I’ve had to do other things and that kind of thing.
Q That would have paid you over a million — that would have paid you millions?
A Way more than millions.
Q Really?
A Yes, of course.
Q What kinds of things would those be?
A Well, for number one, I’m a chef. I completed my –in college, a degree, and so I could, number one, have my own business, like my brother, who’s a chef,does, and that alone could bring —
Q Is he a millionaire?
A No, but —
Q Chef’s usually aren’t.
A That’s if they don’t write books and do multiple chains. There’s a way you can do it where I know a lot of my friends can have different —
Q But you said you’ve said — you used the word donate, you haven’t used the word sacrifice. When you’re talking on your —
A well, that’s what I —
Q Wait, let me finish.
A Okay.
Q When you’re talking on your radio or your conference call or up on stage, you say, “I have donated millions to JMMI.”
A That’s right.
Q But you’re not talking dollar amount?
A No. And the people know what I’m talking about.
Q Oh, you think they understand?
A Oh, because I’ve explained, of course. You can’t just listen to one show that I do and expect to understand what I’m saying if you don’t follow —
Q Well, I’ve listened to more than one show.
A Well, you’ve got to listen to more than three, four, 20 or a hundred to hear everything, yeah.
Q The JMMI contribution report for 2013 shows that you donated $42,000 to JMMI in 2013. Is that true?
A If that’s what the report says.
Q How can you donate more than you actually have made in the last several years after a bankruptcy?
A Because in this kind of ministry people will walk up to me and want to give me personal gifts of this amount of money and I give it over to the ministry instead of receiving it, and I have them write it out to the ministry instead of me.
Q So you’re saying that if — isn’t that a double dip if you’re saying that people go up and give you money and you say write it to the ministry, and then you get credit for that donation as does the person who made it?
A Well, you know, that’s my personal way of showing also contribution. But people who want to give me money personally for my life and I just tell them to give it to the ministry.
Q Do you report that as gift income to you?
A No, because I tell them to write it out to the ministry.
Q So how do you come up with $42,000 that you donated when it didn’t come from you, it came from a third-party?
A Well, we use those records to show. But I am, you know, besides my ties and offerings that I give out of my paycheck to show just, kind of what, is being given to me on a yearly basis or presented to me actually. So, you know, sometimes it’s higher or lower but —
Q Do people come up and give you cash?
A No.
Q Never cash?
A No.
Q Do they write a check out to you, David Taylor?
A They have, but I don’t receive it. I tell them to scratch it out and write it in the ministry’s name.
Q But then you get credit for the $42,000?
A To show that I — I channel that money there instead of to myself.
Q So you’re saying you don’t accept cash?
A No.
Q If somebody were to give cash who would it go to?
Q Personally? I mean —
Q But who?
A The offering bucket. Offering place. I don’t —
Q Well, if somebody’s going to give you $5,000 in cash, who would that be handed to?
A The people who take up the money and count the money, and that could be anybody.
Q What if it wasn’t — do you think — I’m not talking about somebody putting in a donation bucket.
A Yeah.
Q I’m talking about somebody who’s got $5,000 cash and they want to give it to JMMI. Who would be the person that would be designated to receive that kind of donation?
A Well, our financial committee, Michele is over that so you could just say her. Her.
Q So Michelle would be who was designated to receive cash donations of a large amount?
A Yeah, to put it in the ministry. Yeah. That’s really — I don’t know how to answer that question.