$30,000 on expensive clothes

The apostle uses your donated money to buy expensive clothes from top designers like Armani and Gucci. He doesn’t buy from Macy’s because it’s not his style.

— Full court transcript bellow: —

Q I’m going to show you Exhibit Number Four, and on November 29th, 2013, JMMI paid over $6,000 to Louis Vautton.
A Yes.
Q What would that be for?
A Well, this is for clothes concerning my TV ministry as well.
Q So you have to wear Louis Vuitton?
A It don’t matter what name it is. The point is, the clothing are allocated to us for ministry purposes as well.
Q What do you mean they’re allocated to you?
A You know, in the media ministry.
Q In the what?
A Media ministry.
Q Yeah.
Okay. Or on the road when I’m always traveling and using my clothes, I’m sweating through them so I’m needing new clothes also for television ministry including yourself.
Q And so you use ministry money to buy your wardrobe?
A Outfit.
Q Your out —
A It’s called — allocated more towards ministry apparel.
Q Okay. And where is that kept?
A In St. Louis.
Q In your home?
A Yes, mm-hmm.
Q Okay. And do you get — does that go into what your income is?
A I’m sorry?
Q Do you show that in your income that you got Louis Vuitton clothing?
A No, that’s not — that’s —
Q That doesn’t show?
A Because it don’t go there.
Q It don’t go there?
A Mm-hmm.
Q I don’t know what that means.
A It don’t belong there, that’s out of place.
Q What’s out of place?
A You don’t get taxable things like that. That’s for 59 — that’s for ministry business purpose so it’s
not —
Q Louis Vuitton?
A Well, it’s — you can call whatever you want.
Q Well, then, you had a month later Men’s Warehouse for a thousand dollars. Were these for you?
A Yeah, those were suits for the TV ministry.
Q And do you wear them when you’re not on the TV?
A No. Only to ministry in them when I’m traveling.
Q Right. When you’re on TV or otherwise you wear them?
A Yeah, television ministry.
Q But not always when you’re just on TV?
A Always, either I’m being filmed, when I’m up traveling around the nation or —
Q So — but like with those you’re wearing now, are those purchased by JMMI?
A No, this was actually purchased by me.
Q Okay. Then you spent another $724 for the Italian Collection clothes.
A Mm-hmm.
Q In April.
A Yeah, I’m always buying suits.
Q Always?
A Well, not always.
Q Always buying suits.
A But whenever we need — when we need them so.
Q Whenever we — isn’t it just you?
A Well, I mean, because I’m the main one out front, you know. Other than that, I would sweat through all of my personal clothes and they wouldn’t last long, so the ministry can buy —
Q Who else does the ministry buy clothes —
A Well, the ministry team, if they need suits or things for uniforms for the ministry so.
Q Uniforms?
A Mm-hmm.
Q What kind — you have to answer —
A Black suits or anything that goes for choir or ushering or —
Q Your person out there that’s a driver, do you buy his black suit?
A I don’t — I’m not quite sure if that was bought — oh, no, they paid for that one their selves on — I can’t tell you. But we do — we have purchased suits for people because they work and it could be wearing down your personal clothing, tear them up so.
Q So June 2014 you spent thirty-five hundred dollars by JMMI to Versace in the Bahamas.
A Mm-hmm.
Q Yes?
A I’m sure that’s right if that’s what it shows there.
Q And those were — that was clothing for you?
A Yes. Probably, yes, mostly for —
Q But you –you don’t see that there’s any problem when you’re ministering to the poor or the sick, the needy, to be appearing in Louis Vuitton and Versace?
A Well, that ain’t something I purchase all the time.
Q Well, it looks like you did several times in —
A I mean, I — I’m a very frugal person when it comes to this. I go to the right places to get a lot of suits and if I get some from those places, you don’t see that.
Q I don’t see Macy’s.
A No, you don’t see that — yeah, because Macy’s don’t have the kind of suits that I wear. But what I’m saying is, this — this Louis Vuitton things, you don’t see that in our charges all the time. We used to get the belts —
Q Well, I see in 2000 and — get the belts?
A Yes.
Q In 2000 — I see you’re wearing a Burberry belt? The same kind of thing, you go to the top of line? That’s an expensive belt.
A Well, that’s the way you’re making it look quite true, yeah.
Q 2013 and ’14 you spent over — JMMI spent over $30,000 in your clothes. Does that sound about right?
A What — what year was that?
Q ’13 and ’14.
A Oh, God, yes, because I was traveling so much and — and sweating through all my clothes. Exactly. That probably wasn’t enough because just to have so —
Q But they have to be top of the line expensive ones?
A No, they are not top of the line clothes.
Q Louis Vuitton is not top of the line?
A That is not where I get my suits from.
Q Well, you got something from him —
A Yeah.
Q — you spent thousands and thousands?
A Well, the — the belts are more lasting so that’s good.
Q Come on, you’re buying belts for $5,000?
A No. I mean —
Q Okay.
A — I have multiple belts, not just one.
MR. POTTS: Just so the record reflects —
MR. POTTS: There’s an entry at Joe Page 234
Banks here June 11th of ’14, one of the bottom feeding stores in the United States.
Q Well, how about —
MR. POTTS: I’d just like to call your attention to that one, too.
Q How about the Gucci Store in August?
MR. POTTS: Just thing about Joe
MS. RONAYNE: No, we’ll get to that.
Q August 2014 you went to the Gucci Store in Troy and purchased something?
A Yeah.
Q What would that be?
A As I said, it probably was a belt or maybe shoes. I don’t know.
Q Belts or shoes.
A But I don’t usually buy my suits from these very expensive places. I just get the — the things that I invest in will last longer such as belts or shoes.
Q So you’ve got to go to Gucci or places like that?
A Well, no, that’s — I buy those things from there because they have a better TV appearance for the belts and —
Q For asking for money from the poor?
A I mean, honestly, it ain’t really like the way you’re making it look so.
Q Tell me how it is.
A Well, I mean, I don’t think you want to hear what we could say —
Q Well, you sound like you have to drive Bentley’s and limousines and wear Gucci.
MR. POTTS: Just answer if there’s a question asked of you, answer the question. The rest of it’s just (inaudibl play —
Q You like to look like money?
A No, no. No, it’s —
Q You paid a thousand dollars to Monsieur Clothing in New York and then another $715. Whose clothing was that for?
A Where was that now? I don’t understand.
Q August 1st and October 28th, a total of over seventeen hundred dollars to Monsieur Clothing in New York?
A I don’t — I do not — I don’t know about that.