WARNING: What you are about to watch is in “Apostle” David E. Taylor’s describe, in his own words, how he conducts his personal matters and spends church funds. You may find his word and actions VERY DISTURBING.

These below video transcripts are from a series of legal depositions conducted by an authorized member of the Michigan Bar Association in an active court matter in which David E. Taylor was subpoenaed to testify.

Many of the topics you will watch David E. Taylor discuss in these videos may have never been shared with the general public. As a group of concerned Christians, we felt that you should know the TRUTH about David E. Taylor, in his own words.

It is also our understanding that a memorandum from a major law firm in Washington D.C. outlining alleged tax fraud and non-profit abuse and violations by David E. Taylor and Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI) has been submitted to various federal and state law enforcement agencies, including the IRS and numerous state attorney general offices.

We are sharing with you this information as a professional courtesy, as we believe accurate information is power.

Please watch the videos, and then ask yourself; do we really know “Apostle” David E. Taylor?

$2.8 Million Dollar Home

David Taylor lives in a $2.8 million home that JMMI has listed as an asset, as noted in his report. When confronted about it, he states that it should be a liability. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

$30,000 on Expensive Clothes

The apostle spends tens of thousands of your donated dollars to buy design belts, shoes and suits at Louis Vuitton, Armani and Gucci. He doesn’t buy from Macy’s because “Macy’s doesn’t have the type of suits that [he] wears”. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

$50,000 to Limoland

David Taylor spent more than $50,000 dollars out of people’s donations to transform a Mercedes into a limousine to drive guests around town.  Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

Who is Brooklyn Mitchell?

David E. Taylor lists “Brooklyn Mitchell” as a dependent on his 2012 IRS tax return, but when asked who Brooklyn Mitchell is, he says he has never heard of him/her. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

$6,000+ Disneyland Vacations

Taylor used thousands of dollars in donated money to go to Disneyland and Disneyworld with his staff and children. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

Where Are JMMI Offices?

Why does David E. Taylor not know his own ministry address that he has had for a year or two?  Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

Taylor 'Donates' More Than He Makes and JMMI Pays the Bill.

Many of David Taylor’s personal expenses are being paid by JMMI. Taylor also claims that he somehow donates more to JMMI than he actually claims as personal income to the IRS. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

Who's On The Board?

Taylor claims that decisions are made by the JMMI Board Members, but when asked the names of the JMMI Board Members, he is unable to recall a single name of his own Board Members besides himself and his assistant, Michelle. He does not even know how many people are on the Board. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

Child Protective Services

Find out why David Taylor ‘s daughter Destiny no longer lives with him anymore. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

Apostle Given Up Millions?

Apostle states he has given million to JMMI, read the transcript below and see for yourself if this is true. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

Last Saw Jesus When?

David Taylor claims he sees Jesus on a regular basis. Read for yourself when the last time he claims he’s seen Jesus. Click here for the full clip and transcripts.

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